The Tovatec brand of dive lights is created with the intention of offering dive lights to people of varying interests. These include videographers, commercial, recreational, and technical divers, as well as photographers. Their lights have outputs that range from 220-2500 lumens. Their angles fall between 7o to 140 degrees. Some of the models have an adjustable zoom. The various designs are designed to handle various sea and underwater conditions including harsh and unforgiving depths. Here, we look at three dive lights from the Tovatec brand.

Fusion 260

This is a dive light that is relatively small with an output of 260 lumens. The torch can be adjusted to give a beam of between 100 and 12o degrees. This means that one can get both a wide beam and a spot light beam. The torch can use either 2 AA batteries or rechargeable Li-ion 14500, which are included with the dive light. The torch can be used in depths of up to 100m making it quite reliable. It can withstand high water pressure in such depths considering that it’s made with high grade aircraft aluminum.

Fusion 530

This make is a bit stronger with an output of 530 lumens. The torch’s beam can be adjusted to produce a width of between 12o to 100 degrees. This model comes with a rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery. It can also use normal AAA batteries. It uses an LED bulb type and it can work in depths of up to 100m.

Fusion 1000

Just like the other two torches, the Fusion 1000 has an adjustable beam of between 12o to 100 degrees. The maximum depth within which it can operate is also 100m. The defining feature of this make is that its output is 1000 lumens with a burn time of up to 3-1/2 hours. The power of the switch in this gadget can also be adjusted to either 30%, 50% or 100%.

The above three Tovatec models can either be handheld or they can be strapped to the hand. This makes it possible to have the lights on hand and still do something else.