Dive lights, as with any other diving gear, make diving safer and more fun. It’s not a matter of diving at night or during the day – dive lights are designed to compensate for the light absorbed underwater. Picking a dive light, no matter what your plans, is no easy task. Here are a few of, what we believe are, the best dive lights out there today.

Bigblue Dive Light TL3100P Supreme

This light has been depth-tested and found to have the capacity to go down to 330 feet without malfunctioning. Boasting upwards of 3,000 lumens in a 10-degree beam, the light features a one-handed push button switch for controlling the four power buttons. The light burns for 20 hours at the lowest level and 2 hours at full light. It also sports a handle, mount and one extra rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 e-LED Mk 2

The Kinetics Mini Q40 e-LED Mk 2 is a powerful, rugged light. Going for less than $100, the 6-inch long light produces 250 lumens and has a depth rating of 500 feet. It’s made from a non-corroding plastic and comes with an easy-to-use, heavy duty switch.

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Pro 20

What makes this light unique is that it utilizes two high-intensity LEDs combined into a single stream of light for ultra-bright illumination. The light can be powered by four alkaline C-cell batteries that generate 575 lumens or a rechargeable pack producing 1,000 lumens.  It is widely favored for being tough. It comes with two power settings so you can adjust the output and burn time depending on the nature of your underwater adventures.