Diver flashlights allow divers to visit inaccessible and dark places and add color to the underwater world. Modern dive lights have become significantly better due to recent advances in battery and lighting technology. The amount of types, brands and features available have expanded with the dive light technology. Whether you are purchasing for the first time or upgrading from an older light, you will have plenty of options. This can make the purchasing process difficult. In order to help you select the best diver flashlight, there are some aspects to take into consideration.

How do you plan to use it?

Before selecting a diver flashlight you need to understand your particular needs. If you need to use the light on daytime dives then a small handheld diving light with a narrow beam might be your best choice. If you need to use it during night dives then a dive light with a higher lumen rating or a wider beam might be more appropriate. If you need to uses it on occasion for both night and day dives, your best choice is a small handheld diving light with a beam angle that is adjustable.

What type of lighting technology is best for your needs?

Most divers use LED dive lights. LED lighting has good lamp life, comes at an affordable price, and the bulbs are durable. They are also efficient and provide greater lumen output and a longer battery life.

What type of battery is best for you?

The three main types of dive light batteries are the traditional alkaline batteries, internal rechargeable batteries, and rechargeable batteries. Traditional alkaline batteries have the advantage of being inexpensive. Internal rechargeable batteries are used by frequent divers.

What brand to choose?

There are several reliable brands and other less reliable brands on the market today. It is recommended to buy your diver flashlight from a reputable brand and that you avoid less reliable brands.