BigBlue is now taking its game to a higher level, upgrading their popular BigBlue 2800 dive light to 3100 lumens, creating the BigBlue VTL3100P dive light. This product offers a lot more brightness yet still has the same features divers love about the original BigBlue 2800, as well as a few additional upgrades.


The VTL3100 dive light provides both a narrow beam of 10 degrees and a flood beam of 120 degrees. With a goodman-style glove, any diver can use their hands freely without losing their much needed light. This product also has an upgraded battery indicator on its switch that flashes blue, green, or red depending on the batteries’ energy level. It also includes a self-contained 32650 Lithium-Ion battery with a charger for longer use as well as a yellow filter for video use.

The product’s light source includes 7 X XML LEDs and 2 X XPE LEDs. With a reliable on/off push-button switch, the VTL3100 has been upgraded with up to four levels of brightness. Level 1 offers 310 lumens, level 2 775 lumens, level 3 1550 lumens, and 3100 lumens at the highest setting. For the spot beam, 1000 lumens is provided, as well as 100 lumens for the red beam. It can also withstand water depths up to 100 meters due to its double o-ring seal that prevents flooding as you go deeper.


  • BigBlue VTL3100P’s battery is rechargeable and is built to last in strong currents.
  • The product includes a strong Goodman glove for safe and efficient work underwater.
  • It has an aluminum alloy case and double O-ring seal to allow for a 100m depth rating.
  • This dive light is definitely durable and can be used for a long time despite being prone to scratches. If you prefer function over appearance, this dive light is perfect for you.


  • The video mode needs more options to provide a stronger and clearer view.
  • It needs ten hours to recharge.