Underwater Kinetics manufactures some of the world’s most technologically advanced, durable, and reliable dive lights, waterproof work lights, and certified industrial flashlights. Underwater Kinetics dive lights are preferred by professional and even beginner divers, as well as search and rescue dive teams. The following are some of the top selling Underwater Kinetics dive lights.

1. Underwater Kinetics Sunlight C4 Dive Light

The C4 eLED primary dive light is small enough to fit in the hands of the user while offering a blinding light effect. This dive light comes with a twin lamp system that enables divers to switch to a backup bulb underwater. The C4 eLED is powered by 4 disposable C-cell alkaline batteries. Other features of the CD4 Xenon include: 500 meters depth rating, 139-lumen output, non-breakable locking switch, and a heavy rubber lens boot for drop protection.

2. Underwater Kinetics SL3 e.L.E.D. (L1) Light

This is an excellent backup light with a 125-lumen output. The light features a narrow focused beam of white light LED light.

  • Depth rating: 500 ft
  • ABS and non-corrosive poly-carbonate housing for extended durability
  • Twist ON/OFF bezel sealed with two O-Rings
  • Beam distance: 20.8 meters
  • Batteries: 3 C alkaline batteries included

3. Underwater Kinetics Aqualite-S UV-395 Light

This eLED video light features a 395nm UV lamp head for ultraviolet or glo-diving. The ultra wide angle light converts Aqualite video LED light to UV light to bring out the incredible colors and intricate details of marine life. The light includes: a push-button tail switch, a rechargeable 2600 mAH Lithium-ion battery, and HYDRALUMTM lamp head.

4. Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED (L2) Rechargeable

This dive light features a unique optical design that combines two high intensity LEDs into a single beam with twice the intensity.

  • 1200 lumen brightness on high mode and 560 lumen brightness on low mode
  • 3 hours run time
  • Depth rating: 150 meters
  • Durable composite body made of HYDRALUM, an engineering polymer

There are many more great Underwater Kinetics dive lights such as the SL4 eLED, Light Cannon eLED, and Aqualite Pro 20-degree eLED. The list is endless. The common thing about these dive lights is that they greatly enhance divers’ visual experience in marine conditions.