Frequently Asked Questions about Nemo submersible cordless Power Tools

Who we are and what we do

What’s the story behind the Nemo submersible electric drill?
The Nemo drill was originally custom designed and built, one-at-a-time, for scientific and government organizations in 2012. The technology was then adapted into the current commercially available version and small-scale production began in 2013.

The Nemo drill uses technologies generally found in more high-tech products: batteries and electronics from the drones industry, cooling technology from the computer industry, and sealing and fabrication methods from the marine industry.

Today, Nemo drills are being used around the world by commercial divers, pool technicians, research divers, plumbers, boat owners, and more.

How long has the drill been on the market?
It has been on the commercial market since fall 2013.

Who uses the Nemo drill

What types of jobs can you do with Nemo drills?
The sky (or the sea) is the limit, but here are just a few of the jobs professionals do using our drills:

  • Pool and spa: Replacing main drains, installing pool liners, and working on any underwater components such as ladders and lights
  • Research diving: Drilling holes in coral or rocky sea bottoms for research purposes
  • Commercial diving: Any type of underwater construction requiring a tough yet lightweight tool
  • Boating and yachting: Repairing and doing maintenance (such as hull cleaning) on boats and ships without the hassle and cost of dry-docking
  • Aquaculture: Repairing and installing underwater aquaculture equipment
  • Plumbing, sewer, and construction: Tightening or removing screws underwater or in wet conditions and working in the rain or in muddy conditions.
  • Municipal workers and water services: Repairing water mains, fountains, water tanks, and more
  • Oil, gas, and mining: Drilling in hazardous locations that require a self-contained and sealed piece of equipment
Technical questions

Does the drill work ONLY underwater?
You can use your Nemo drill above water, under water, and in any wet conditions.

Are there any special instructions for using the drill underwater?
In order to protect your Nemo drill for the long term and increase its lifespan, air pressure should always be added to the drill, via the valve on the back, for all underwater work (as opposed to above-water wet conditions). Specific instructions are provided in the Nemo drill instruction manual.

Are there any special precautions to be taken when working outside/above water?
The Nemo drill can be used on dry land like any ordinary drill/driver. Like any power tool, you should monitor the tool during use for signs of overload or overheating, and take a short break, in the event of such a situation.

Can the Nemo drill be used in salt water?
All Nemo drill models, with the exception of the Nemo POOL & SPA, may be used in salt water (the POOL & SPA may only be used in fresh or chlorinated water). We recommend rinsing our Nemo drill with fresh water after using it in salt water.

How long does a fully charged battery last?
Our Nemo 18V 3Ah Li-ion Battery lasts between 1-3 hours, depending on the intensity of the work and the type of job being performed with the drill. Our 6Ah Li-ion Battery lasts between 2-6 hours, with the same conditions.

My drill is only rotating one way – what’s the problem?
On Nemo drills, there is an option to place the rotational direction switch in the middle. This neutral position operates only the LED light, without any rotation of the drill. To choose a rotational direction, firmly press the rotational direction switch in the desired direction.

Nemo partners and warranty info

What are some of the benefits of becoming a distributor/dealer?
There is a huge amount of interest in our one-of-a-kind Nemo submersible drill. As a Nemo distributor, you’ll enjoy the world-class support of the Nemo Power Tools team, which includes trained engineers and a professional sales and customer service team. Getting in the game early translates into quick sales and creating a reputation for yourself as a distributor on the leading edge of specialty power tools. Contact us to find out how you can get in the game early and become a distributor for this innovative product.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
Each Nemo Power Tools tool is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for the period of one year from the date of original purchase. The Nemo Power Tools Li-ion battery has a limited one-year warranty. If your tool is damaged during normal operation, and you are covered by the one-year manufacturer warranty, we will do our best to get you up and running again in no time.

We offer a quick claims process for customers to easily file a claim and get a replacement product. After the warranty period has passed, we offer service and repairs at reasonable prices, demonstrating our commitment, for the long-run, to satisfied Nemo customers.

Nemo is the world’s 1st Electric Waterproof Drill.

Easy to carry and maneuver, and works just like that drill hanging in your garage. No need for tubes, connectors, or any other equipment–Nemo is cordless.