Submersible Drill Brush Set (includes all 4 Brushes)

Compatible with the Nemo V2 Diver Drill, Yacht Drill, and Pool & Spa Drill, this 4-piece brush set offers everything you need to tackle underwater cleaning tasks.

Set includes:
1 5-inch medium stiffness brush
1 4-inch medium/soft stiffness brush
1 2-inch stiff brush
1 3.2-inch by 5-inch medium to ultra-stiff brush


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Nemo’s submersible drill brush set comes with 4 brush attachments in multiple sizes and stiffness levels. When affixed to your Nemo Drill, these brushes take on any underwater cleaning job, including cleaning boat hulls, aquariums, swimming pools, and ponds, and stripping loose paint and rust.
The 5-inch green brush and 4-inch yellow brush boast medium-stiff bristles perfect for cleaning fiberglass, tile, and grout. Remove rust and clean durable textured surfaces like concrete with the compact 2-inch red brush, perfectly sized to get into tight spaces. Strip loose paint and descale underwater surfaces with the 3.2-inch diameter dual-bristle black and blue brush, featuring a mix of medium and ultra-stiff bristles.