Nemo Power Tools Bitcoin bond

Deposit bitcoin and earn 4% / year interest rate on your investment.
Protect your bitcoin investment from rapid depreciation with a stock conversion option.

 Investment terms:

  • Type: Convertible loan offering 4% interest rate.
  • Bond maturity date: 1 to 2 years from date of deposit.
  • Currency: Deposits, principle payment and interest payments are done in BTC (Bitcoin).
  •  Downside protection: Conversion option to ordinary shares is granted to depositors.
    (In case of major depreciation in BTC price, investor may choose to convert the BTC deposit to shares of the company).

Why should I invest in Nemo Power Tools bonds:

  • Earn interest on your bitcoin assets while holding your position.
  • Lock current BTC value against share options in the company. 


Nemo Power Tools bonds are a lower risk alternative to “ICO” investments. Your deposit is issued against a corporate bond offering a 4% interest rate for a period of 1 to 2 years. If you plan to “hold” your crypto assets for a long period of time, this is an attractive option to earn interest on your deposit during the next 2 years.
The company’s own ordinary shares are held as collateral against your investment.

* Past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes. Please read the complete terms of our offer prior to making a deposit *

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