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Max Planck 6000! Sounds super cool, but what is it? MP6000 is actually Nemo’s most powerful production dive light with a jaw-dropping 6000 Lumens and 100-Watt total power capability. It is one of the most powerful of its kind, and is made for underwater filming and nighttime search and rescue. Equipped with 3 settings (at 25%, 50% and 100%), you could easily adjust the brightness of the LED lights according to the type of job you’re at. Its wide-angle feature at 120 degrees, with an intensive beam makes underwater illumination a breeze. Additional color settings include a blue light fish attractor mode, a static red light mode for professional underwater photography and color balancing, and a flashing red light mode.

Made with aircraft-grade anodized Aluminum and an energy-efficient battery, this revolutionary dive light can dive up to 100 m underwater and can last for 1 full hour even on the highest setting. Uses include wide angle illumination, professional underwater photography/ videography, and nighttime search and rescue.

Since it’s so powerful, is it hard to operate? Absolutely not. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to use the Nemo Diving Floodlight.                                                                                          

 **For it to work, please first make sure the cap is screwed on tightly for good battery contact.**
You’ll find two buttons on The Nemo Commercial Diving Floodlight. The left button controls the white light, and the right button controls the red and blue lights.
Now, you only have to press the left button once to turn on the white light. It has 3 brightness levels. Here you can see the brightest mode, the medium bright mode, and the least bright mode.                                                                                   
You should press the button for around 4 seconds to turn off the light. 1-2-3-4-and off.            
The right button allows you to choose three different modes: pressing once results in a static red light, pressing it again chooses the blinking red option, and a third time chooses the blue mode.                                                       
Again, to turn off the light, simply press the button for around 4 seconds.
You can operate both modes – white light and one of the color lights – at the same time.
Just remember that you must turn off the lights one at a time, by first pressing one button for around 4 seconds and then pressing the second button until the light turns off.                                                                                                                   
Now isn’t that easy? You’ve already become the expert in operating the Nemo Commercial Diving Floodlight! We hope you liked this tutorial, and please stay tuned for our next Nemo Blog post! Should you want to troubleshoot any issues, please leave a comment in the box below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.