As Nemo customers already using our submersible angle grinder know, the Nemo Angle Grinder is simply revolutionary. It’s the planet’s first adoption of the Lithium-Polymer battery technology (from the drone industry) into a submersible cordless grinder. You won’t be able to find another Li-Po grinder anywhere else. This cutting-edge power pack means less time changing batteries and more time on heavy-duty jobs. In fact, the Nemo Li-Po grinder outperformed popular cordless Lithium-Ion grinders, outlasting them ALL and DOUBLING the number of cuts of its nearest competitor. 


This one-of-a-kind beast of a grinder, with its 2.0 Horsepower (1500-watt) brushless motor and its hardcore Li-Po battery pack, is the perfect choice for professionals who need a cordless tool for tough jobs or DIY-ers who want to get their hands on the latest, trend-setting power tool tech in the world. Who’s afraid of steel bars? Certainly not a Nemo grinder!  

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”- Spiderman (1962). Well not exactly GREAT responsibility, but there are definitely safety precautions users must pay special attention to when operating with the great and powerful Li-Po batteries (which are more sensitive than Li-ion ones):

DON’T over-work or over-drain the battery!

• When grinder stops and LEDs blink rapidly – it has stopped due to the temperature protection to prevent overheating.

When the grinder stops with NO LED flicker, this means a weak battery. DON’T try to restart tool. STOP work and recharge the battery.

• DON’T store Li-Po batteries while connected to grinder for more than 24 hours.

• DO check that the o-rings on the bottom of the angle grinder (where the battery connects to the tool) are present before every use.